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Established in 1969, Industries LEP started its business as a small molding manufacturer. The company has exhibited a fast growth, incorporating new technology and entering into new markets: producing plastic components and other materials for energy companies and household appliances industries.

Company profile

For over 35 years we have transformed ideas into components, supplying national and international industries with excellence in products, customer service and support and improving our abilities and services. This has allowed us to reach the national leadership in compression and transfer molding of thermosets (such us bakelite, urea, polyester and melamine), plastics injection molding (engineering, polymers, ABS, polycarbonates and PET, among other), light metallurgy and pattern making.

Our ability to handle multiple processes allows us to produce an extensive range of high quality components and products, from design and manufacturing of prototypes and special components to full-scale production and assembly of finished products. This enables us to control cost and quality.

Our mission

  • Manufacture the highest quality molds, components and products by combining experience, skill advancement and technology.
  • Provide the customer with the product of greatest value and functionality.
  • Provide excellent service and support to our customers.
  • Identify methods to make our customers and our business more profitable.

Our plant and machinery

Leading molding supplier in Argentina

Our plant is located in the southern of Buenos Aires Province/Argentina . It is equipped with leading-edge technology, utilizing:

  • 180 Ton Inyectors
  • 60 Ton Inyectors
  • Latest-tech automatic presses
  • Tampographic printers
  • Drying furnaces
  • Dehumidifiers
    among other

Industrias Lep - Plastics manufacturing and custom molding in Argentina

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