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Accompanying the growth of our main clients, we have oriented the standard production to electricity materials and household appliances components. At the same time, we have continued developing new components to provide solutions for our customer needs and impelling new industries. This has allowed us to maintain our leading and innovative domestic market position in plastics, bakelite, alloys and metal parts supply.

We design and produce all type of handles, knobs, tops, fuse boxes and other custom components. Utilizing the latest technology to meet the highest quality standards, our experienced professional management team and skilled technicians work hard to design and produce the most efficient and cost effective solution.

Household components:

  • Inserting knobs
  • External knobs
  • Handles
  • Tops
  • Other components

Industrial/energy components:

  • Single-phase fuse boxes
  • Three-phase fuse boxes
  • Other components

Other components:

All type of components made in plastics, alloys, bakelite or metal.


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